Super Yankee Bet Calculator- Find How to Calculate your Yankee Bets!

Use our Super Yankee bet calculator to calculate the return on your wager.

Yankee Calculator

What Is a Super Yankee Bet Calculator?

There are lots of different multiple bets that can be made on a number of sports. Some of these are straightforward, but some – like the Super Yankee – are more complex. To work out how much you can expect to receive in winning returns you can use a Super Yankee betting calculator.

How to Use the Super Yankee Bet Calculator

To find out your winning returns you just need to enter some basic information into the Super Yankee betting calculator.

  • Enter what type of bet for each of the five selections
  • Add the odds for each selection
  • Enter your stake

You can add further information using the advanced Super Yankee bet calculator functions. See below for further details.

Super Yankee Bet Calculator

Advanced Super Yankee Calculator Functions

To make a calculation for your Super Yankee betting with all the information, you could take advantage of the advanced functions.

Each Way Betting

Each-way betting gives your selection the chance to place as well as end up winning. The calculation for your bet will change depending on which bet you go for.

Rule 4

In horse racing betting a horse may sometimes be withdrawn close to the beginning of the race. Without the chance for a new betting market Rule, 4 comes into effect. There will be deductions depending on the odds for the withdrawn horse. The Rule 4 option on the calculator works this out.


Depending on your preference you can see your returns entering the amount of your stake for per bet – or by a total combined stake.

Why Use the Super Yankee Calculator?

With complex bets, such as the Super Yankee, this calculator quickly works out your potential returns. Including 26 different bets, this is a very useful piece of kit for any punter. With the advanced functions, you can enter all the relevant information and know exactly what to expect from your selections.

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