How to decide about the right time for placing a bet?

Bookmakers change the odds all the time. In the morning, they adjust the odds according to the statistics and, as the day goes by, they adjust the odds depending on the information they acquired about the game. Also, the money flow determines which way the odds move. So, it’s all about timing and knowing when to take advantage of the odds. For more information, feel free to read our sports betting tips.

Bet in the early stage of the tournament

If you plan on betting on the winner of the tournament, you should do it in the early stages because that’s when the odds are the highest. Why is that so? Because there are some circumstances not even the bookmakers can’t predict, like injuries of the players. In sports, nothing is certain, and anything can happen.

For example, let’s take Bovada’s Stanley Cup predictions. According to CBS Sports, the Chicago Blackhawks were the heavy favorites at 13/2. However, they didn’t even make it to the finals. Instead, the two teams fighting for the trophy were the San Jose Sharks (33/1) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (12/1). These were excellent odds, and a skilled bettor could have made a lot of money betting on these teams.

If you want to place a bet on an underdog team, do it at the beginning of the year, before the trade deadline. Stronger teams play better as the season progresses, so it’s always wise to bet on them earlier.

Bet at the final stage of the tournament

Sometimes, betting at the end of the season can be a good strategy. Knowing which teams have already secured a spot in the playoffs could work in your favor. Furthermore, if a particular team has its superstar, keep an eye on him. Superstars usually want to break personal, franchise, or league records, and you can use that as your advantage.

Listen to your instincts

If you have a hunch about a certain game, it is best that you act as fast as possible. Keep a close eye on your team’s performance and wait for your chance. If you are attentive enough, there is a good chance that the bookmaker will eventually set the odds in your favor.

Also, you must add competition to the equation. If a star player from the opposing team gets injured, your team’s chances will increase. When something like this happens, you might be able to catch the bookmakers off guard and make a bet before the odds are changed.

Timing is essential

If you are comfortable betting under pressure, you’ll find in-play betting quite handy (read more about advantages and disadvantages of in-play sports betting). It can be intense at times, but the offers are more diverse and the odds are higher. If you want to make successful live bets, you must be open-minded and leave your biases aside. Sometimes, you must bet against your team, and it’s important to stay objective at all times. If it’s difficult for you to remain neutral in those games and stick to betting on ones in which your team doesn’t participate. Also, you must be quick in making your decisions because the odds can change in a matter of seconds.

Stay on top of current events

If you want to be a punter who makes informed bets, you must stay atop of all the latest news. Reading daily sports news and reports can help you in making good predictions. Also, don’t forget to check out the latest news on the competition.

For example, the Tennessee Titans traded their first pick of the draft to the Los Angeles Rams only a week before this year’s NFL Draft. This event has changed the entire NFL season because the Titans were supposed to get a great defensive player, but the Rams got him first.

Also, if you were paying close attention to the breaking news on the NFL draft, you would know that Jared Goff would be the first pick at 16/1 odds, even before the bookmakers had the time to change it. It took half an hour for the bookmakers to adjust the odds after the news leaked, so you had enough time to place your bet and get great odds.

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