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Promo codes have become a part of pretty much all types of online business modes. Online sportsbooks are no different. A promo code is basically a way of giving you the edge for a limited time. 

In the sportsbooks in question, you use the promo codes to claim a FanDuel bonus. Sometimes it’s offered directly on the website and sometimes it’s an invite-only feature. In this post, we plan to learn all there is about FanDuel promo codes in Ontario

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What is a Promo Code?

Before we can get you up to date with FanDuel codes, you should understand what it is in the first place. 

A promo code is simply short for “promotional” code and it helps you participate in a promotion. These codes are offered online food delivery services, grocery stores, and even on Amazon! Remember the discounts you get by applying the codes?

When it comes to online sportsbooks or casinos, the promo code is not for a discount. Rather, it’s to include you in the promotion. A welcome bonus, for example, maybe only offered to punters who know the code. How do you find the code? Well, that differs from bookmaker to bookmaker. 

As for FanDuel Canada promo codes in Ontario, they don’t exist yet. Why? Because the site isn’t live. Ontario is opening its doors to registered sportsbooks from April 2022 and FanDuel will be one of the first operators to offer sports betting. 

The best way to learn about FanDuel promo codes is obviously to keep your eyes on the website. However, we can give you the information in advance, given that you follow our website regularly. 

Who Can Use FanDuel Promo Codes?

It ultimately comes down to the bookmaker itself. Codes may be offered to new players only, both new and existing players, or existing players only

As the Ontario page for the bookmaker in question is not live yet, it’s really hard to say in advance what model it might follow. But we can draw an assumption from the existing list of promotions. 

On the existing websites, FanDuel promo codes tend to come on a monthly basis. All players who play on that particular month can use the code to participate in the promotion. 

Now, if you’re wondering which bonuses come under the coverage of FanDuel promo codes, we’ll have to make some really wild guesses. It’s possible for the welcome bonuses, weekly bonuses, boosted odds, and everything else to be covered by the codes. 

In some cases, the operator sends promotional codes secretly to the email. It’s usually reserved for the most loyal players. 

The bottom line is, the promo codes can come from any and every direction. As long as you’re acquainted with them, and know where to use them, there’s nothing for you to worry about. 

Where Do You Put the Code?

That’s a fantastic question you’ve asked right there. Finding the FanDuel promo codes or any other codes is not the main challenge. The challenge is using them effectively when needed

More often than not, bookmakers instruct punters to use the code during registration. But it’s only one outcome out of many possible ones. The good thing is premier bookmakers like FanDuel offer very clear instructions on how to approach any bonus offer. 

So, we hope that when the Ontario page comes to life, you’ll know exactly when to use the bonus code. 

If you’re wondering where else a FanDuel promo code may be used other than the registration form, our best guess would be opt-in. 

On the promotions page of online bookmakers in general, you may have seen the phrase “opt-in required”. It means you have to manually claim the bonus. It’s especially mentioned because welcome bonuses are often credited automatically. 

This “opt-in” part is another place where you may have to enter the FanDuel promo code. In our opinion, this is a great feature because the bookmaker gives you the option to sopt out if you want. Because remember, not every punter is trying to claim all the promotions. 

When Do You Use the Promo Codes?

In almost all cases, the promo codes at online bookmaker websites have an expiry date. You have to claim the bonus using the code within the given period. Otherwise, it’s gone forever. Well, the bookmaker can always re-launch the promotion but that’s very unlikely. 

The same rule is going to apply to the upcoming FanDuel Canada page. As sad as it may be, no promo code last forever. 

What Can You Expect from the FanDuel Promo Code?

So, you’ve gathered quite a few pieces of information on what promo codes are, how to use them, and when to use them. Do you know what can you get from them?

In most cases, promo codes unlock a new bonus for you. More often than not, it’s a welcome bonus. You enter the code directly into your registration form and the bonus is credited into your account. Needless to say, if it’s a deposit bonus, you have to do a qualifying deposit first. 

But there’s nothing stopping the FanDuel Ontario page to give you codes for:

  • Free spins on the casino games 
  • Free bets for particular sports markets
  • Weekly cashbacks
  • Loyalty bonuses

Anything and everything is possible when you leave things to your imagination. 

FanDuel More Ways To Win

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Looking to Open a New Account? Follow These Steps

Opening a new sportsbook account or even re-opening your existing account can be intimidating at times. The key is to follow the proper procedure before you start the registration process. When you take some time and devote yourself to research, it can come in handy for years to come. 

The question is, what things should you include in your research? That’s where we come in.

A License is Not Just Crucial, it’s Mandatory 

Make a promise today. That you’ll never sign-up at an unlicensed bookmaker or casino. Why? Because what’s stopping the operator from robbing you out of all your money and disappearing? Most offshore operators are out of your reach and if something happens, you won’t be to able to get a hold of them. 

When it comes to FanDuel codes, the website is based in the US and it’s licensed in the individual states. For Ontario, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is the designated jurisdiction. 

Live Streaming is Life-Changing 

If you’re primarily intrigued by sports betting, you should definitely include live streaming in your “must have” list. Trust us when we say this, sports betting is different when you can watch the matches live! Needless to say, it helps tremendously when you try to do live betting. 

FanDuel Sportsbook is one of the premier operators right now and it offers live streaming for pretty much every sport. 

Look at the Payment Providers Beforehand

In Canada, you might be more comfortable using Interac. That’s what most people do. So, when you sign-up for a sportsbook, you should look for a brand that offers Interac. 

The same theory goes for every other payment method you have access to. The primary appeal of iGaming over physical gambling is convenience. So, make sure the bookmaker you’re aiming for has the payment method you carry with you. 

Luckily, you can’t go wrong with FanDuel because it has pretty much every prominent payment method nailed

Customer Support Should be Efficient

One of the biggest drawbacks of anything “online” is that it can go “offline” without any prior notice. Yes, we’re trying to sugarcoat the term “technical difficulties”! Whatever you may want to call it, it’s an integral part of iGaming. 

And to solve the issues associated with it, you need good quality customer support. So, before you open an account and deposit real money to use the FanDuel promo code, make sure the operator has good quality customer support. 

Speaking of FanDuel Sportsbook, it offers live chat, social media links to Facebook, Twitter, and offers a very inclusive FAQ section with all the common questions answered. 


Where do I find promo codes for FanDuel Canada?

They don’t exist just yet. Keep an eye out on our website to know about them as soon as they come out.

Are promo codes safe to use?

As long as you’re obtaining the codes from trusted sources, such as ours (not to self-praise), you have nothing to worry about. A general rule of thumb is that bonus codes from the same bookmaker usually follow a pattern. 

Are there no deposit FanDuel bonus codes?

Surely there are. However, you won’t find any on FanDuel. 

Is there a FanDuel app?

Yes, FanDuel apps are separately listed for the casino, the sportsbook, and even the Fantasy sports services!