Dutching calculator

What is the dutching calculator?

Dutching is a betting strategy whereby typically two or more horses are backed in a race so that a target gain is achieved if one of the backed horses wins the race.

The calculations to arrive at the correct stake can be quite complicated but a dutching calculator performs this function quickly and accurately. Dutching is suited to races with big fields and there two or more fancied runners.

The calculator works out the stake on each selection to ensure the same return regardless of which of the dutched horses wins the race. Of course, neither could win but if the bet covers two of the leading contenders the strategy will produce a high strike rate.

What is dutching

Bookmakers return about 90% of stakes in winnings for horse racing bets. They apply bigger gain margins to other sports so there is less value. Professional gamblers focus on racing because they have access to a bigger portion of the pie.

The mathematics work more in their favour with racing bets than wagers on football, cricket, golf and other sports. The balance of power is shifted even further towards the punter when the powerful system of dutching is applied.

Dutching is a system that involves two or more horses in a single race to ensure a return target is reached when one of those horses wins the race. The system works well because in any race you can have two or more of the better horses on your side.

This is a system that suits gamblers who like a high strike rate rather than a return on investment based on rare but jackpot wins. You are in fact covering more than one base and with careful staking, the gain target can be reached.


If you wanted to back two runners at Evens and 5/1 to guarantee a gain of $80 whichever horse won here are the bets:

  • Bet 1 $120 Horse 1 at Evens
  • Bet 2 $40 Horse 2 at 5/1

Here are the three potential scenarios and outcomes:

Horse 1 Wins

  • Gain from Bet 1 = $120
  • Loss from Bet 2 = $40
  • Net Gain = $80

Horse 2 Wins

  • Loss from Bet 1 = $120
  • Gain from Bet 2 = $200
  • Net return= $80

You make the same gain from careful staking regardless of the winning horse. However, here is a note of caution and the third scenario:

Neither Horse 1 or Horse 2 Wins

  • Loss from Bet 1 = $120
  • Loss from Bet 2 = $40
  • Total Loss = $160

However, at those prices you are backing the first and second favourite so the strike rate will be high. When neither dutched horse wins it can be expensive but the nature of dutching means two or more of the most likely outcomes can be covered.

How to use the dutching calculator

Here are the basic steps for use of the dutching calculator:

  • Enter the decimal price for each dutched horse.
  • Enter the total stake.
  • Click recalculate. (See below).
  • Check that the return and gain are correct.
  • Stake the amounts displayed against each selection.

A typical dutching calculator will allow you to dutch from two to ten selections. The calculation displays to the penny the required stakes at the prevailing odds to guarantee an equal gain when any one of the dutched selections wins.

Dutching can be used for any market in which there are a number of possible outcomes and the most popular sports for dutching are horse racing and football.

Advanced dutching calculator functions

The principle behind dutching is to distribute a stake over a number of options to guarantee the same return whichever one of the selections wins the race. When the total stake and odds are entered the stake for each selection is displayed.

The process is quite basic but there are two advanced functions that make the use of the dutching calculator more efficient and time-0saving while ensuring accuracy:

Include commission

Traditional fixed odds bookmakers do not charge commission on winning bets or stakes. Operators make gains based on built in margins in the odds which equate to the difference between the stakes and payout. Betting exchanges offer better odds and make money by charging commission on winning bets.

There is a scale of charges based on sports and the value of the wins. Typically a betting exchange charges 3% of winning horse racing bets. The commission affects the gain and return. When using the dutching calculator bettors must enter the percentage commission for each selection. The return and gain will be adjusted based on the commission rate.

Recalculate automatically

One of the major benefits of the dutching calculator is the recalculate function. This is used when the stake, odds and commission change. The calculation is based on these three elements and manually this could be difficult and subject to error.

Clearly, the correct bet details must be entered for the dutching calculator to recalculate the function to work accurately. Automatic recalculation produces accurate staking at the prevailing odds in order to make the same gain whichever of the dutched selection wins.

Why use the dutching calculator?

The dutching calculator is mainly used for working out the stakes to ensure the same win for two or more selections in a horse race. However, it is useful for many markets in different sports. In football, the dutching calculator can work out the stakes to cover two or more correct score outcomes.

A dutching calculator is a good tool when betting in markets with numerous potential outcomes. The process is quick and accurate and can take away complex manual calculations from the process. Stakes can be worked out using this tool but the dutching calculator aids the calculation. Trading tools make for easy calculation of returns and thee are many free products online.

The dutching calculator is responsive and will work on any device including mobile.

There can only be one winner of a race (or a dead heat). Of course, if you are backing more than one horse in a race some will always lose. However, the clever staking plan means you’ll always make a gain if your dutched bet includes the race winner.

This is a system for more risk-averse bettors who are happy with steady betting bank growth. It’s about small gains over a sustained period of time rather than big wins.

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