Double Bet Calculator – Find the Best Way to Calculate Your Double Bets!

Use our Double Bet Calculator below to calculate the return on your wager. Take some time to explore it, it is quite a useful tool you can count on. 

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What is a Double Bet Calculator?

A double bet is a popular multiple bet that consists of two selections. To be able to get a gain from this type of bet, both selections must win. There is a drill involved, though. The first selection must win. Then, your returns from that selection are used as a stake for the second selection.

To work out your winnings from a double bet, you can use a double bet calculator. This refers to a handy tool that may sometimes be provided by the operators themselves.

Double Bet Calculator

How to Use the Double Bet Calculator

In a nutshell, the calculator enables you to calculate not only your gain but also the stake and return. To use a double betting calculator simply follow these steps, after determining which software to use:

  1. Enter your bet options (unit stake, number of selections, etc.).
  2. Check whether it is an each-way bet type or not.
  3. Select the outcome (winner, dead heat, lost, non-runner).
  4. Enter the odds provided to you.
  5. Choose the appropriate Rule 4 option (apples to horse racing bets only).
  6. Enter your stake amount.
  7. Hit Calculate Bet.

Advanced Double Bet Calculator Functions

A double betting calculator provides much more functions than just calculating the returns from a double bet. Among the most noteworthy ones are:

Different Odds Formats

This functionality allows punters to choose between fractions and decimal odds format. This enables them to understand their wager and its particularities more easily. You can also find an odds converter in case you want to learn more about betting odds.

Each-way Betting

A wager that is made up of a Win bet and a Place bet is an each-way bet. It is a favourite type of bet used in horse races, where the Win part refers to the horse finishing first. As for the Place part of the bet, it simply means that a horse will finish in a top position (not necessarily first).

Punters use each-way bets as a means to secure their wagers, in case the selected horse comes 2nd or 3rd. some operators, though, give bettors the option for a Place bet to win should a horse finished 4th, 5th or even 6th or 7th! This clearly increases the earning potential of a bettor if their favourite horse does not take the gold.

Rule 4

This is yet another horse racing-specific deduction rule that covers the situation when a horse is withdrawn from a race shortly before the race begins. Then, the odds on the remaining horses change. So, if you are being offered, say, 10/1 odds for your favourite horse to win, this could go down to 9/2 after a non-runner is declared.

This reduced your winnings. It is critical to know exactly how much. That is the primary function of Rule 4 does.

Why Use the Double Bet Calculator?

Use the handy tool if you want easy and quick results or wish to compare odds prices effectively. You may also see the returns and the gain you could make from a winning double bet.

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