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The NFL may make most of the headlines but there is a great sport, and a league, just to the north – CFL, or the Canadian Football League. With great competition and stars and teams to look out for there is plenty to discover.

Keep reading to find out what to bet on, where to get your information and how to make the most out of your CFL betting.

Top CFL Betting Sites for May 2022

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Although there are other sports that sometimes get more headlines and attention – even from online betting sites – CFL is hugely popular and that is why there are a number of betting sites that actively promote the sport and are perfect for anyone interested in CFL betting.

All three of the bookies listed above – William Hill, 888Sport and bet365 – have a really good selection of markets for each individual game and especially the Grey Cup championship match at the end of the season.

These three sites also offer really attractive sign-up bonuses as well as their ongoing promotions and all have a good selection of CFL betting markets.

CFL Betting

Best CFL Events to Bet On

When it comes to the CFL the big event is the Grey Cup. This is the championship game at the end of the season that determines who the best CFL team is in any given year. The Grey Cup has actually been running since 1909 and a lot of CFL betting centres around this title game.

There are a number of CFL betting markets surrounding the championship game – as there is with any game in the season – but as it attracts the largest television audience in Canada the Grey Cup is definitely the one to look out for.

Apart from this final game of the season, there are not so many other big events as far as CFL betting goes but there is also the chance to bet on who will win the East and West Divisions of the CFL.

Main CFL Betting Markets

Although online bettors can make their selections for any CFL game, there are three types of bet that are more popular than others – Moneyline, totals and the point spread. You can go for parlays, props or futures, but when it comes to individual games these three are the most popular with CFL betting fans.


This example of CFL betting allows you to pick the winning side in any game. Bookies will offer moneyline odds depending on how good the team is and how they are playing and you can use your knowledge and expertise to make your selection.

An example of moneyline in CFL betting is shown in the image with the Ottawa Redblacks priced at +175 and the Calgary Stampeders at -213. In moneyline betting the favourites are always shown with a minus sign and the underdog with a plus sign.

The CFL betting odds here mean that if you wager $100 on a Redblacks victory you would win $175 and if you bet on the Stampeders you would need to stake $213 to make $100.

Totals – Over/Under

Another favourite in the CFL betting world is to attempt to predict the total amount of points scored in the game.

You don’t choose the amount itself but make your bet depending on whether you think there will be more or less than a specific amount or points over the amount or points under the amount.

In the example given the odds are -110 for both over or under 53 points to be scored in the Redblacks v Stampeders game.

Points Spread

Many CFL betting fans go for the spread selection which is a bet on the winner of the game but taking their strengths and weaknesses into account to introduce a handicap.

This makes it more likely to win a bet on an underdog as they are, in effect, given the points head start as far as the CFL betting goes.

In this Ottawa v Calgary game the odds are once again -110 with the Redblacks given 4.5 points as they are the underdogs. That means that they could still lose the match by 4 points and still win the bet for you as with the CFL betting points spread gives them 4.5 to start with.

CFL Betting Strategies

If you are betting on CFL – as with any sport – it pays to do your research and find out about the teams involved or the history of the game. But there are a few specific things to take note of when it comes to CFL betting.

You may know quite a bit about betting on NFL and that would definitely be an advantage when it comes to CFL betting – but there are some very important differences between the American and Canadian games that you should be aware of.

In CFL there are three downs instead of four, the field is wider and longer and a single point is given for field goals. The clock also runs differently so you should make sure you know what is going before you make your CFL betting selections.

Another major CFL betting strategy is to go with the superior passing side as the running game is not as popular in CFL, compared with the NFL, due to the decreased number of downs.

CFL Betting

Once you have got used to the rules of the game and done a little bit of research CFL betting can be a very enjoyable way of feeling more invested in the sport. There are a number of good CFL bookies with extensive betting markets – so why not take a look for yourself? Read the complete review of the best betting apps in Canada.