Boxing Betting Guide

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Boxing is a very popular sport with an amazing history. All of us have, at some points of our lives, been attracted to it.

If you are someone who watches boxing quite often, you have probably started wondering about boxing betting. Luckily, we have a couple of tips that will help you learn more about boxing betting, and hopefully make you a better punter.

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Available Bets for Boxing Betting

As we are talking about a sport, the betting terms are similar to those in other sports. However, here, you are betting on different things under those same terms. Let’s go through each type of bets and see what each of them does.

Money Lines

Like in many other sports, money lines are the basic bet that everyone makes. When it comes to boxing betting, it is a bet on who is going to win. In the boxing world, one fighter is always the favorite, while the other is the underdog.

Of course, as with all the other sports, betting on the underdog comes with a better score in case he or she wins, but the odds of that happening are much lower.

Over and Under Bet

As you already know, boxing matches can last up to 12 rounds. This opens up the possibility of betting on how long a boxing match might last.

For example, you can bet whether a boxing match lasts over or under 7 rounds. So if you bet under, the match needs to end before round 7. If you bet over, on the other hand, it needs to finish between 8th to 12th round.

If the boxing match stops during round 7, it is neither under or over, and the bet is lost.

Draw Bet

Like in all the other sports, drawing is a rare situation. One might say it is even rarer in boxing. In the majority of cases, people usually knock each other out, or when the match is finished, referees usually give points and assign a winner.

But, once in a while, a draw match does occur. However, it is so rare, that the odds for that happening are very low.

betting on boxing

Parlay Bet

Parlay bets serve for those who want to make bet with a bit less risk. There are plenty of boxers who are simply in better shape and faster than their opponents. In these scenarios, it is necessary for the punter to put down a lot of money to win only a little. This is because of the awful odds. But with Parlay Bets, the punter places a bet on multiple fighters all at once. It comes with higher risk, but the reward goes up as well.

It is crucial to mention that only the truly biggest experts can make these sorts of bets.

Proposition Bet

This sort of bet is usually made in bigger matches. As the attention and expectations before the match increase, bookmakers create an incredibly detailed bet. In which round a knockout is going to occur etc. these sort of details comes with very low odds of happening, but the reward is incredibly high, which is why so many people opt for it.

This sort of betting is often luck-based, but if you know that a boxer always begins his matches explosively, then betting on a first-round knockout might be a good choice.

Best Bookmakers to Bet on Boxing

There are many different bookmakers where you can do your Boxing Betting. Some of the brands where you can have fun include 888Sport, betway sports, and bet365.

Whatever of these three you pick, you will certainly be able to find good odds. What is even more important, all of them are completely reliable online bookmakers with plenty of years of experience. Compare your odds and see what brand suits your needs the most.

Tips for Boxing Betting

Every boxing match is different. Everything is different due to the given circumstances at that point in time. This is why you should never bet the same way on your favourite boxer, but always use different tactics before betting your money.

These are some things you should definitely pay attention to:

  • The unknown might be good.
  • Favorites can go down outside the ring.
  • Fighting styles.
  • Who is at his prime?

Taking all these things into consideration and asking the last question can be quite opening. After only a couple of minutes of thinking, your judgment will be much clearer.

We hope that these bets are going to help you make better boxing betting decisions in the future. Do you want to bet on the Joshua and Ruiz rematch on the 7 of December? Check the Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting complete guide right here!